Chapter One (Enjoy!)


Sundew lashed her tail back and forth, staring down at the stream where her mother’s head had just disappeared beneath the surface. 

“She can’t be dead! She… She just c-can’t be!”, her sister, Chokecherry, said in dismay. Sundew turned to glare at her with a fierce ‘shut-up or I’ll make you’ glare. 

Her sister looked down at her claws, as tears rolled down her snout. “Mother?”, she whispered softly. “Please growl if you can hear us.” Sometimes, sisters like Chokecherry just couldn’t control her sadness! It already looked weird to passing dragons, because the two sisters were looking down into a river with nothing in it! Or so they thought. Sundew bopped her sister hard on the snout. “Chokecherry, you idiot! Of course, she can’t hear us! She’s underwater, you bees for brains! Let’s go home.”

As Sundew tramped home, she noticed too late that Chokecherry was sniffling in despair. Uggh. Get a grip, Chokecherry! At last, when the two got home, there was a letter slapped and hammered clumsily on the door. Out of the corner of her eye, Sundew glimpsed a short LeafWing bounding away because Sundew was glaring at him. Coward Leafwings… Now, that seems suspicious, that dragon over there. That is probably the dragon who slapped this letter clumsily on the door. People don’t know how to deliver messages properly these days. Well, probably because some of them are such careless, useless, and annoying scoundrels, Sundew thought crossly.

It read:

Dear Sundew and Chokecherry,

I am very pleased to announce that you girls will be invited to my Coronation Ball! I am ALSO very pleased to say, I am becoming Queen! Yes, yes, I know. It’s the last thing you would think. How could I, Tundra, ever become queen? I, too, have puzzled this, but no answer came to me. My dears, I do hope to see you at the ball, and I will assign you partners to dance with! Tell your father that I send all my love, and all about this letter!

A new queen,

Queen Tundra

“Oh PA-LEASE, Tundra? Oh, whatever. I bet that the Ice Kingdom could go to war with butterflies and still lose now that Tundra is queen.”, Sundew exclaimed sarcastically, jabbing the letter, so ripples of holes spread out across the paper. Sundew didn’t understand why Chokecherry didn’t agree with her. I mean, really! If Chokecherry were in my talons, then she would probably agree with me, Sundew thought.  

“Don’t be so mean”, Chokecherry said softly, taking the letter out of her sister’s talons, and examining it thoroughly. Her eyes skimmed the paper quickly before she said, “I’m sure Tundra will be a great queen… Or at least I think she will.” Sundew snorted in amusement.

When Sundew stormed inside, she marched up to her father’s room, with the letter crumbling in her tight grip. She glimpsed Chokecherry wincing in distress as she stomped up to her father’s private room. But Sundew didn’t care. “FATHER!”, she roared impatiently, pounding the entrance boulder with her fist. Her father rolled the boulder aside, grunting slightly and Sundew almost rapped his face when she knocked.

“Sundew”, Father said with an exasperated sigh. “What have we said about yelling in the cave?” Sundew looked down at her claws and stamped on her tail to keep from yelling at him any further. “We said, no yelling in the caves or I can’t visit Willow on the weekends”, Sundew muttered sulkily. Sometimes, Father made and followed too many rules! “That is most certainly right.”, Father answered. He slipped the letter out of Sundew’s talons. 

He read it over, and stared for a long moment at the sisters with a confused expression. “Tundra is queen of the IceWings?”, He shrugged his shoulders, and held out the letter for Chokecherry to take. 

“Hmm”, Father said thoughtfully, tapping his forehead in thought. “I don’t really mind. But of course, I do expect two girls will be going to the ball.”, He said, flicking a claw at both. Sundew knew that he wasn’t really talking to her. Why doesn’t he trust me enough to go to a ball? I mean yes,  in the past I might have skipped a few weddings, but only for a good reason! 

She glared at her father. 

“Oh and, um, one more thing…” Chokecherry said, looking at her claws again. “Mother’s dead.”

Chapter Two Is Coming Soon!!


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